“Flowers distilled though they with winter meet, lease but their show; their Substance Still lives sweet.” (Sonnet V)

My name is Dan. I am a freelance writer based in Edinburgh.

This blog is a kind of hodge-podge, bringing together my work for various publications, especially those concerned with the arts scene in Scotland’s capital during and beyond the Fringe.

I started Substance Still after I was given an AirStill a birthday or so back. As a confirmed foodie I’m really passionate to extol the virtues of this brilliant bit of must-have kit. The AirStill is a kitchen top device which extracts the essential oils out of various botanicals. Using these in and around the kitchen is a joy and a pleasure.

Substance Still is generously garnished with quotations from Shakespeare as well as occasional recipes and thoughts on food in general.

I’m also using it to let folks preview of my novel Malice Towards One. Your thoughts, comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated. It’s my first attempt and a work in progress so be kind as well as honest! You can find the introduction and prologue here.